Energia Group CSR Charter of Conduct

  We believe that the Energia Group’s fundamental mission is to fulfill its duties as a member of the community and progressively contribute to the sustainable development of society, through the Group operations whose mainstay is the electricity business. We further believe that the foundation for that lies in being trusted- by our customers primarily, as well as by our stockholders and investors, our local communities, our business partners, our employees, and many others besides.
  On the basis of such awareness, all of the executives and employees in the Group will promote CSR efforts in accordance with the conduct principles below, aiming to be a corporate group that the community trusts and chooses.

Safety Assurance

Placing top priority on assuring safety, we will work to heighten safety consciousness and will soundly carry out the necessary measures.

Respect for Human Rights

With a spirit of respect for basic human rights underlying our business activities, we will strive toward the realization of a society in which no discrimination whatever is practiced and human rights are truly respected.

Promotion of Compliance

We will abide by relevant domestic and overseas laws, regulations and rules, and by the spirit thereof, and will promote fair business activities that are backed by ethics.

Rigorous "Customer-First"

Making it our basic purpose to meet our customers' wide-ranging needs, we will promote business activities that rigorously put customers first, in ways such as providing good-quality products and services that will meet with their satisfaction.

Active Tackling of Environmental Problems

We will promote environmental management that actively engages in environmental preservation activities, so as to contribute to the realization of a society that is capable of sustainable development.

Contributions to Local Community Development

As a corporate group with roots in our region, we will contribute to the development of local communities through business activities of many kinds.

Enhancement of Communication with Community

Effecting communication with broad sections of the community, we will strive to respond conscientiously to the community’s comments and wishes and reflect them in our operations, We will also actively publish information so as to raise the transparency of our business activities.

Formation of Vibrant Corporate Culture

We will effect improvements of internal communication, and moreover will work to cultivate self-directing and self-reliant human resources, and to have skills handed on from seniors to juniors, so as to form a freely-communicating, vibrant corporate culture.

  The executives of the Energia Group, in the awareness that it is their own role to make this Charter into reality, will not only set examples in their own conduct but also will rigorously enforce the Charter so as to have all employees behave in accordance with it.

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