About the challenges we’re taking on


What will become of power companies in the times ahead?
The structure of Japan’s power industry is set to change in major ways, and we are facing a period of major transition never witnessed in the past.
But here’s how we see it:
Instead of passively awaiting change, we should forge ahead with making the future.

Let’s take on the challenges.

This year, the full-scale liberalization of the retail sale of electricity will start and we will enter an age when customers can choose their power company.

Aware of its unchanging mission of stably delivering electric power, Chugoku Electric will be stepping up its competitiveness and striving to stay the utility that customers select.
Besides that, with our sights set on countries overseas, we are aiming to be an electricity business that extends beyond its region, and a company that grows by taking on challenges in fields other than electricity.

Our goal is to be a business group that is chosen in its region and grows beyond its region.

That undoubtedly means taking on challenges toward the future.
We believe that only those who can read change with sound insight and continuously take on its challenges will be able to pioneer new futures.

Would you like to be a part of Chugoku Electric and help propel us into the future with your youthful zeal and powers?

Join us in taking on the challenges!

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