Employment philosophy

The Power to Light up the Future.

The structure of electricitybusinesses in Japan is undergoing significant changes.

Full liberalization of the retail sale of electricity began in April of 2016, and electricity transmission and distribution divisions are preparing for legal separation in 2020.

Now, facing a turning point unlike any before, Chugoku Electric Power sees this as an opportunity not to passively wait for change, but for us to go and create the future.

Striving to be "a corporate group that is chosen by communities and grows beyond communities," we will expand our businesses not only in the Chugoku region, but also throughout Japan and even overseas.

To achieve this, we need more than just the skills and know-how we have cultivated over more than 60 years; we also need young passion and flexible ideas.

Therefore, we are carrying out hiring more actively than ever, looking for more human resources that will carry the future of Chugoku Electric Power.

We expect young energy that, having engaged in activities as a student and gained various experiences and abilities, can actively and boldly undertake the challenges of a new field.

Won't you join us to create the future of Chugoku Electric Power?

Image:The Power to Light up the Future.

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