Employment Information

Job description Office Fields: Sales, public relations, accounting, general affairs, human resources, labor affairs, corporate planning, information system and telecommunications, Technical Sales, etc.
Technical Fields: Power distribution, Power management, thermal power, nuclear power, civil engineering, architectural, corporate planning, information system and telecommunications, etc.
Note) Major work in the technical sales is electrical proposals, such as air conditioning / hot water / production processes for our customers.
Required qualifications

University/Graduate school

Persons expected to graduate from a university or complete a master’s program at a graduate school in March 2019
Persons graduating from a university or completing a master’s program at a graduate school from April 1, 2015 onwards

  1. Includes persons expected to graduate from an overseas university or complete courses at a professional graduate school (and graduates/persons who completed said courses).
  2. Includes persons expected to receive (or having received) an “undergraduate” or “master’s” degree having completed courses at another educational institution.
Application categories, etc.

Application categories

University/Graduate school students: Office work, IT , technical sales, electrical, mechanical, nuclear energy, chemical, civil engineering, architectural

Required qualifications

Office fields: No faculty or department requirements
Technical fields: Check the <Course/major subject guide for each application category> when applying for technical fields.
Technical sales: Persons studying/majoring in construction (equipment), electrical, and mechanical-related subjects

<Course/major subject guide for each application category>

Electrical: Persons studying/majoring in electrical-related subjects (including electronics/communications subjects)
Mechanical: Persons studying/majoring in mechanical engineering-related subjects
Nuclear energy: Persons studying/majoring in nuclear energy or physics-related subjects
Chemical: Persons studying/majoring in chemistry-related subjects
Civil engineering: Persons studying/majoring in civil engineering-related subjects
Architectural: Persons studying/majoring in architect-related subjects

Note) Please ask any questions you may have regarding application categories at a company presentation session. Please bring your academic record and other such documents when doing so.

No. of hires expected

April 2019 (Recruitment plan)

University-level office work / IT / technical sales positions University-level technical positions
47 (Including 2 IT position and 1 technical sales position) 78


Recruitment history: April 2018 plan *“University” includes master’s programs at graduate schools
University-level office work positions University-level technical positions
70 (Including 1 IT position) 92

Persons completing a master’s program: 238,000 yen
University graduates: 214,000 yen

*Former graduates are treated the same as new graduates.

Work hours

8:50 ~ 17:20

*Separate conditions apply for shift personnel.

Holidays/paid leave


Complete five-day workweek system (Saturday and Sunday holidays), national holidays, end of year holidays, May 1, and more

*Separate conditions apply for shift personnel.

Paid leave:

Yearly paid vacation (Less than one year of continuous service: 15 days; One or more years of continuous service: 20 days), special incentive leave and more


Facilities: Company dormitories, company housing, general grounds, etc.
Programs: Build-up savings programs, loaning systems, corporate pension plan, etc.
Other: Various sports and cultural clubs that meet regularly.

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