Energia Group Corporate Vision

Energia Group Corporate Vision

Corporate Group Image We Aim For as We Look at the 2020s

A corporate group that people choose in the region and that grows beyond the region
  • We will provide services with the highest customer satisfaction.
  • We will achieve power source competitiveness on the top level in Japan.
  • We will deliver an inexpensive, high-quality power transmission and distribution network service.
  • We will establish a revenue base in other regions of Japan and overseas.
  • We will contribute to solving issues and expanding our community through our business activities.

Profit / Financial Targets

  • We will stably ensure profit levels above our pre-earthquake levels (consolidated ordinary income of 60 billion yen or more per year).
  • As the financial base needed for a healthy business, first, we will ensure pre-earthquake levels (approx. 25% consolidated equity ratio).
  • *We will aim to achieve this as early as possible in the 2020s.

Action Plan for Achieving Our Vision (~2020)

Aims for This Action Plan

  • As we continue to steadily improve our base in facilities, human resources, and technology,
  • we will improve our damaged revenue-expenditure and finances,
  • thus establishing the operating base needed to be a company that people choose in the region and that grows beyond the region.

Major Measures to Start Before 2020

1. Develop the energy services

We will aim to be selected by customers for providing services with high added value for the diverse energy needs, from home to industrial needs.

  • Introduce a new menu of electricity rates to meet our customers' life styles.
  • Provide community-based, added value services through collaborations with local corporations.
  • Expand and improve efforts for promoting electrification that meet needs for saving energy and reducing cost.
  • Expand sales and profit of our gas sales business by digging up potential demand.
2. Improve competitiveness of power sources

We will improve the competitiveness of our power sources, aiming to both ensure competitiveness in wide-area operation as well as reduce the CO2 emissions intensity.

  • Quickly start operation at Shimane Nuclear Power Station Units 2 and 3.
  • Proceed with the Scrap & Build Plan for thermal power plants, such as construction of Misumi Power Station Unit 2, a replacement for aged thermal.
  • Ensure further economic efficiency and flexibility by diversifying suppliers and procurement methods for fuel.
  • Make LNG-fired power generation more efficient and develop technology for advanced use of coal.
  • Proceed with efforts for the development of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Station.
3. Improve quality of power transmission and distribution network services

With a neutral, fair, and highly transparent work management, we will achieve both "stable supply of good electricity" and "inexpensive wheeling rates".

  • Systematically and steadily perform construction to update heavily-aged facilities.
  • Proceed with maintenance on trunk transmission systems and construction related to renewable energy.
  • Appropriately respond to Electricity System Reform, such as expanding smart meter installation.
4. Establish a revenue base in other regions and overseas

We will cooperate with influential partners in Japan and overseas to establish a revenue base both in other regions of Japan and overseas, thus improving the base profitability of the group.

  • Develop competitive power sources in other regions of Japan and expand our electricity sales business.
  • Participate in power generating business overseas.
5. Cooperate and create with the local community

As a corporate citizen with its operating base in the Chugoku Region, we will cooperate with municipalities and local corporations in each area and contribute to solving issues and expanding the community through our business activities.

  • Contribute to vitalization through cooperation with the local community, such as promoting activities which attract companies in cooperation with the municipality.
  • Develop projects which create added value with the local community, such as the mega-solar project for giving back to the community or the Oki hybrid project.
6. Improve the revenue-expenditure and finances

We will work tirelessly to improve productivity and efficiency, not only working to prevent financial deterioration before starting operation at nuclear power stations, but also accelerating the improvement of our revenue-expenditure and finances post-nuclear start.

  • Improve labor productivity through work renovations (drastic reviews of work management).
  • Reconstruct the organization in light of the legal separation of the power transmission/distribution sectors.
  • Downsize facilities and business with low profitability.
  • Reduce the cost for procuring materials and equipment, such as by expanding competitive orders.
  • Lower costs and diversify methods for procuring capital, such as by issuing Euro-yen CB.
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