Q.What is the necessary procedure for electricity in a move?
A.please contact us to the nearby Chugoku Electric Power agency.
Q.What method is there in a charge paying?
A.Although the payment method of an electricity bill has a method by account transfer, and a method by the payment form, we recommend you a convenient account transfer. Click here further more detail.
Q.It seems to be a power failure. What should I do?
A.If it seems no electricity come, please check your neighborhood first and if your neighborhood has also no electricity, please inform the Chugoku Electric Power agency so. If electricity has not come only as for your house,(All room or in part), please do breaker operation first, Electricity may recover. When electricity still does not come, please inform the nearby Chugoku Electric Power agency. Click here further more detail.
Q.Although I want to go to the head office building of the Chugoku Electric Power, but I do not know where it is?
A.Please click here to see our address and access to our office.
Q.Although I want to make the link to a Chugoku electric power homepage,,,
A.A link to our company home page is free. However, the link from the site which carries out slander of an individual or the organization, and the site contrary to public order and customs is forbidden firmly. We also refuse a link, when the contents which our company created are not displayed correctly.In addition, when a link setup is completed, please announce URL of the home page which set up the link to our company.Click

Investor Relations

Q.What is the management target of your company?
A.Please click here.
Q.Where are indices, such as a capital stock ratio, and ROA, ROE, indicated?
A.The index for the past five years -- "Main financial index" please have a look.
Q.What is the corporate philosophy of the Chugoku Electric Power?
A.The corporate philosophy of Chugoku Electric Power -- Click here please have a look.
Q.How does your company consider the "stockholder return measure"?
A.With regards to dividends for our stockholders and investors, our basic approach is to continue with stable dividends, and we have been implementing dividends of 50 yen per share from an overall consideration of forecasts and so forth of the mid- and long-term revenue-expenditure and financial situations, not merely of the results for a single fiscal year. While this difficult financial situation will continue until we start operation at nuclear power stations, by striving to dig deeper to further improve efficiency, we will prevent further revenue-expenditure and financial deterioration and will try to continue stable dividends.
Q.Please let me know all the group companies of the Chugoku Electric Power.
A.The main group companies of our company are shown at "The Chugoku Electric Power Group."
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