Beware of Impersonator Fraud

There have recently occurred malicious acts by persons who pretend to be Chugoku Electric Power personnel or related personnel and use our company's name. Customers should beware of such persons.

Main cases of this kind that have occurred

  • Impersonators visit our customers' residences claiming to be inspecting or surveying indoor wiring (for ground faults and faulty equipment, etc). After making a cursory inspection they demand large sums of money.

    Our company's personnel never ask for money when they conduct inspections and surveys.

  • Impersonators telephone our customers claiming to have been commissioned by us to conduct ground fault surveys or questionnaires, then they ask for personal information* such as customers' electricity charges and how much electricity they use.
    * This information is probably intended to be used in sales activities for power-saving equipment and similar.

    During Chugoku Electric Power telephone surveys, customers are never asked for personal information such as electricity charges or amount of electricity used.


  • If people come to your residence claiming to be on electricity business, demand that they present their employee card or other identification, and examine it carefully.
  • If anyone telephones you for an electricity-related survey and anything seems suspicious, hang up your telephone and check with our nearest Service Office.
When anything seems suspicious, first of all contact the nearest Chugoku Electric Power Service Office.
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