Causes of Power Outage, and Charge Discounts for Them

Causes of Power Outage

1. Causes originating in users' electric equipment

Power outage is sometimes caused by users' electric equipment, beyond the receiving point of electricity (the point where our service line is connected to your residence). In such cases there are two types of cause:

(1) Overuse of electricity
Excessive use of electricity can sometimes trip a breaker, which cuts the power off. This can be remedied by reducing the quantity of electric appliances you use, or by having an electrician enhance your indoor wiring.

(2) Defects in the user's electric appliances or indoor wiring
Sometimes there may be defects present in the user's electric appliances or indoor wiring, which will trip the ground fault circuit interrupter or a breaker. In such a case you should disconnect the appliance you think is the cause from its outlet, and operate the interrupter/breaker. Tripping of the interrupter/breaker may also result if a power outlet or other part of the indoor wiring becomes wet. Make sure that the wiring, etc., has thoroughly dried before operating the interrupter/breaker. If you cannot determine the cause, contact Chugoku Electric Power.

2. Causes originating in Chugoku Electric Power's electricity equipment

(1) Power outage due to work on equipment / lines, etc.
In order to deliver a stable supply of electricity we have to replace, reinforce or perform other work on old equipment. Sometimes this work unavoidably involves stopping the power. We make the duration of such work as short as possible and notify users of its date and time in advance via fliers or other means, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation when such work is necessary.

(2) Power outage due to faults or accidents
Typhoons, lightning and similar phenomena sometimes cause problems in our equipment which result in power outage. In such cases we strive with all-out efforts to restore power as soon as we possibly can.

Charge Discounts in the Event of Power Outage

If our power supply to users is stopped, or their use of our electricity is restricted, for a total of one hour or longer in the course of one day for reasons to do with our electricity equipment, we make a discount on the affected users' electricity charges.

Details of the discount
For customers with Meter-Rate Lighting A contracts, the discount is 4% of the minimum charge for each cumulative day of power restriction or stoppage.

Note: Where the power outage is due to work on our equipment, the discount is only applied if the outage exceeds one(1) day in a month.

Nonliability for Damage Compensation

Where our supply of electricity is stopped for reasons not attributable to us, we shall not be liable for compensation of any damage that users may suffer as a result thereof.

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