Payment of Bills

There are three(3) ways of paying electricity bills: by automatic transfer from a bank or postal account, by credit card, and by personal payment into our bank account.

Payment by Automatic Transfer [*50yen discount!]

This is a method whereby electricity bills are paid automatically each month from the customer's bank or postal account.
* Sums marked with an asterisk (*) do not include money for consumption tax, etc.

We recommend the automatic transfer method!

  • The initial formalities are simple and no subsequent effort is required to make the payments - ideal for the busy customer.
    And there's a discount with the Economical Automatic Transfer Plan (automatic transfer discount contract).
  • When you change address the only formality needed to continue the automatic transfer payments is a telephone call to us - provided that payments continue from the same account. In such a case simply tell us that you wish to continue the automatic payments when you notify us of your address change.

Note:Customers with Flat-Rate Residential Lighting or Public Street Lighting A contract can get a discount on their bills by employing the Convenient Prepayment Plan (charge prepayment contract).

Simple formalities!

Application forms are available at our service counters and those of certain financial institutions for you to pick up.
Alternatively you can phone a Chugoku Electric Power Service Office and they will send you an application form.
The following three(3) things are required for the application formalities:

  • Your electricity contract number, which is given on the Notification of Amount of Electricity Used or else on the Electricity Charge Receipt
  • The number of your savings (or deposit) account
  • Your registered seal for your account passbook

Note:Please be aware that processing of first-time applications may take one(1) or two(2) months to complete in some cases. You will be notified by mail as soon as the formalities are completed.

About the transfer date

There are several different types of automatic transfer, according to whether or not a bill is sent, etc. The date on which the transfer is made will depend on the type. The commonest types are shown in the figure below.
the Notification of Amount of Electricity Used that is delivered to you on each meter inspection day gives the transfer date for the month in question.

About the transfer date

About receipts

For customers paying their electricity bills by automatic transfer, the right-hand section of the Notification of Amount of Electricity Used that is delivered on each meter inspection day is a Receipt of Automatic Transfer of Electricity Charge for the previous month's bill.

Note:Should such receipt be absent from the Notification, it will be sent on a postcard.

Payment by Credit Card

This is a method whereby a credit card company pays the customer's electricity bills on his/her behalf and the customer reimburses the credit card company later when he/she pays the card usage charges.

The credit cards that may be used to pay for our electricity are those shown below.


How to apply to pay by credit card

To apply to pay your electricity bills by credit card you must submit an application form. Contact the nearest Chugoku Electric Power Service Office to have an application form mailed to you.

*The following three(3) items are required for the application formalities:

  • Credit card companies do not permit use of credit cards for payment of electricity charges by customers with High Voltage Power contracts, customers with contracts in which motive power is used(except Class 1 and Class 2 Night Only Power), or by collectively billed customers. Neither do they permit use of credit cards for Green Power Fund payments.
  • Credit cards cannot be used with the Economical Automatic Transfer Plan (automatic transfer discount contract).
  • The dates on which statements are sent and payments effected, etc., vary with each credit card company.
  • In some cases the payment for a month may be carried over to the following month for reasons to do with the relation between the credit card company's deadline date and our meter inspection date, or for other reasons. In such cases the customer will be billed for two(2) months' charges at once.
  • We do not issue notification of the start of credit card payment, nor bills/receipts for credit card payment. For such details customers should consult the statements that their credit card companies send them.
  • Credit card payments cannot be made at the service counters of our Service Offices nor at convenience stores and other retail outlets.

Flow of payment by credit card

Customer[Application]>Chugoku Electric Power[Processing of application>Reading of meter>Calculation of charge>Billing of card company]>Card company[Payment to Chugoku Electric Power>Billing of customer]>Customer[Debiting from account]

Personal Payment into Our Bank Account

This is a method whereby customers pay in their electricity bills via one of the financial institutions or convenience stores that we have designated, using one of our designated pay-in slips. We can deliver the pay-in slips when your meter is read, or else mail them to you.
(Payment via a convenience store requires pay-in slips with a barcode. Apply to our Service Offices for such slips.)

Payment Due Date

The payment due date is the 31st day from the monthly meter inspection date.
You are requested to effect payment by that date.

Note:If you fail to pay by the 21st day from the due date, your electricity supply may in some cases be stopped. You will however be given advance notification of such stoppage.

Late payment surcharges

  • If you pay after the regular payment period, late payment surcharges for the elapsed days will be added to your bills to be paid. (10% surcharges per year (0.03% per day))
  • However, if you pay no later than the 11th day from the due date, the late payment surcharges will not be added.

image of Prompt payment period

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