• Chugoku EPCO has introduced various innovative ideas in the field of land development for power stations.
  • We developed premises by reclaiming land of the coastal area of Seto Inland Sea to construct our thermal power stations.
  • We have employed ground improvement method such as sand drain method and sand compaction method to improve soft ground. In 1989, we won “Technique Prize by Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering” for the highly evaluated rapid improvement of very soft ground conducted for the construction of Yanai Power Station.

  • Chugoku EPCO has employed seawall with artificial reef to Shimane Nuclear Power Station.
  • We have employed the bank protection work of Shimane Nuclear Power Station No.3 unit “a new style seawall with artificial reef which has high breakwater and water cut-off performance”. While considering environmental friendliness, we have significantly shortened the construction period and reduced cost.
  • Such efforts were highly evaluated, and we won “Japan Society of Civil Engineers’ Prize (Technique Prize) in 2009”.


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