• Chugoku EPCO has so far constructed 30 dams (15m or over in height).

Oodomari dam(Gravity dam)

  • The height of this dam was 64 m when it was constructed in 1935.
  • The dam height was raised by 10.5m in 1959, nearly doubling the effective storage capacity.
  • The revolutionary method for raising the dam height received international attention.

Sasanamigawa dam(Arch dam)

  • The nation's first thin dome type arch dam which was constructed in 1959.
  • This is the first arch dam at Chugoku EPCO.

Onbara dam(Buttress dam)

  • This dam, which was completed in 1928, has a rare buttress structure.
  • Buttress dams are an unusual type, and there are used at only 2 locations at Chugoku EPCO.

Overview of Dams

(Gravity dam)
(Arch dam)
(Buttress dam)
Height 74m 67.4m 24.03m
Lenth of top of dam 155m 127.339m 93.64m
Designed flood discharge 804m3/s 700m3/s 70m3/s
Catchment area 123.7km2 91.45km2 9.25km2
Normal water level E.L.532.5m E.L.192m E.L.737.96m
Reservoir capacity 31,100,000m3 20,100,000m3 2,946,300m3



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