Pumped Storage Power Station

  • Chugoku EPCO have three pumped storage power stations to supplement the shortage of electric power supply at the peak of the demand.

Shin-Nariwagawa Power Station

  • Shin-Nariwagawa Power Station was completed in1968 as our company's first pumped storage power plant.
  • At that time, this power plant was one of the nation's largest-scale river / pumped storage power stations with high generating capacity.

Shin-Nariwagawa dam(Gravity arch dam)

Nabara Power Station

  • Nabara power station is a pure pumped storage power plant located only 20 km from the downtown of Hiroshima City.
  • Our first rock-fill dam structure was applied to the upper and lower reservoir dams.

Nabara dam Lower reservoir dam with a rock-fill dam

Matanogawa Power Station

  • The upper reservoir dam with a rock-fill dam structure and the lower reservoir dam with a concrete gravity dam structure were constructed, creating the water head of 489m.
  • This power station has the highest level of generating capacity in Western Japan.

Overview of Power Stations

Shin-Nariwagawa Nabara Matanogawa
The river and river system Takahashi river system
Nariwa river, Shimogo river
Oota river system Nabara river Hino river system Matano river
Asahi river system Doyou river
Start of power operation 1968 1976 1986/1987/1995/1996
Generation type Mixing pumped storage type Pure pumped storage type Pure pumped storage type
Output 303MW 620MW 1,200MW
Discharge 424m3/s 254m3/s 300m3/s
Head 84.7m 294m 489m



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