Construction and Operation Technology of Thermal Power Plants (Gas)

  • Proper maintenance, updating, and modification of gas-fired power stations have improved thermal efficiency and enabled stable operation.
  • Yanai power station (Yamaguchi Prefecture, 1,400 MW of total output) is a combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant in which the gas turbine is combined with a steam turbine. The gas turbine system was updated, and thermal efficiency was improved in the Unit 1 system.
  • Currently operating systems of Mizushima power station and Tamashima power station (Okayama Prefecture) were modified (use of gasification and multi-fuel systems) to improve supply stability, environmental performance, and fuel cost efficiency. For example, the fuel conversion of Unit 1 in Mizushima (from coal to CCGT) reduced cost and improved efficiency to suit operating conditions at the power station by continuously using already installed steam turbines, which was enabled by high engineering technologies.

[Yanai Power Station] Gas turbine updating work

Updating to a gas turbine with higher efficiency than conventional systems when updating aged facilities

[Mizushima Power Station] Conversion of fuel

Fuel conversion work to use LNG in power stations that were using coal and heavy oil as fuels

[Tamashima Power Station] Multiple fuel system (dual operation)

Modification of Unit 1 to selectively using LNG for combustion in addition to coal in conventional combustion



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