Technical Training (Thermal Power)

  • The development of human resources and the inheritance of skills and know-how are major challenges for all companies. We have passed on to the next generation skills related to thermal power generation accumulated so far.
  • With the aim of enhancing such efforts, we established a business company* in 2002 which provides training services related to operation and maintenance skills of power generating facilities. The company has been developing thermal power generation engineers for more than 10 years.
  • Such services are available to foreign engineers as well as Japanese. As of the end of fiscal 2016, about 700 engineers from foreign countries in total participated in the training courses.

*Power Engineering and Training Services, Incorporated. (commonly called "PET")

【Training menu】
boiler maintenance steam turbine maintenance
Training simulators(1) Training simulators(2)
CCGT facilities nondestructive inspection



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