Selling Products to Chugoku Electric

Chugoku Electric basically utilizes its Supplier Registration System to obtain price proposals from selected registered suppliers.

1. Supplier Registration

Companies which can provide a stable supply of materials that meet Chugoku Electric’s specifications are registered into this system as future suppliers.
Chugoku Electric accepts initial registration applications anytime, and periodically renews the registration of its suppliers.
The following outline summarizes the registration procedure.

(1) Registration application

Companies interested in initiating or continuing business with Chugoku Electric are asked to submit the following documents:

  • Company brochures
    (company history,products,sales records,etc.)
  • Financial statements for the past three years
  • ISO9001 certification(copy)
  • ISO14001 certification(copy)···if qualified
  • Others(additional materials,product samples,etc.)

(2) Supplier evaluation

Chugoku Electric evaluates the submitted documents to determine whether or not the applicant is an appropriate supplier in terms of business size, financial condition, and technical capabilities.

(3) Product evaluation (initial registration only)

Each product is evaluated in terms of its production system, quality control system, sales records, after-sale service, and delivery punctuality. If the product is one of Chugoku Electric’s designated "Products Requiring Type Approval," the applicant must go through a separate procedure to get approval.

(4) Evaluation results

The applicant is notified of the results immediately after the evaluation is completed.

2. Availability of Registered Suppliers List for Perusal

Those who are registered or who wish to register can look through Chugoku Electric’s Registered Suppliers List at any time. Please contact the Group Management Div for assistance.

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