Check terminals

1. Use

Used as test terminals that are attached for power factor measurements and on-site testing of transformer-equipped supply meters.

2. Major specifications


Structure that enables sealing and prevents water from getting inside.

Junction/junction receiving-unit conductor

Connection must be complete, both electrically and mechanically.
Junction must be compatible.
Wires for 7-core instrument cable (with conductor thickness of 3.5 to 14 mm2)must enable individual and complete tightening. Tightening must be complete, both electrically and mechanically.
Insulation must be provided between unlike poles and between same poles without junctions.

Major members

Name of Part Material
Casing ABS resin
Base plate Bakelite plate
Junction receiving-unit conductor Brass
Junction Brass/synthetic resin
Insulated screw for test lead Brass/synthetic resin
Sealing screw Brass

Check terminals

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