Chugoku Electric Power

Major transformations are taking place in the energy environment in the world and in Japan as we move into the 21st Century. To ensure that our customers’ well-being and the development of our local region continue unchanged amid such transformations well into the future, Chugoku Electric aims to be a "Comprehensive energy enterprise" that enjoys customers’ trust and is the energy provider they choose. To that end we are mobilizing the business activities of the entire Chugoku Group based on our "Energia" philosophy. Chugoku Electric’s mission is to furnish its customers with a stable and economical supply of clean electrical energy, and our greatest task in order to fulfil that mission is to utilize our production, transport and other equipment effectively and efficiently so as to keep electricity supply costs at the lowest levels possible, while preserving resources and protecting the environment.

Accordingly the Company obtains high-quality goods at reasonable prices by opening its doors to Japanese and foreign suppliers alike. Chugoku Electric looks forward to having successful business relationships with many companies from all over the world.