Energia Group Corporate Charter of Conduct

We at the Energia Group believe it is our mission to create and grow value that is meaningful to society through sound business activities founded on trust from society, and by doing so, contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.

On the basis of such awareness, the executives and employees in the Energia Group will think and act independently based on the following principles of conduct, thus carrying out their responsibilities as members of society and achieving both improved corporate value for our Group as well as continuous growth.

Enhancement of Communication with Society

By proactively, effectively, and fairly publishing our corporate information as well as engaging in dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders, we will reflect the demands of society and the needs of our customers in our business activities.

Provision of Products and Services Useful to Society

By making tireless efforts for improved quality and creating new value through innovation, we will safely and stably provide quality products and services that bring our customers satisfaction.

Contributions to Local Community Development

As a corporate group rooted in the Chugoku region, we will participate in efforts aimed at solving social issues through our business activities to contribute to the development of the local community.

Promotion of Environmental Management

We consider environmental problems to be problems shared by all of humanity, and will proactively engage in efforts including the promotion of global warming countermeasures, the formation of a recycling-oriented society, and environmental preservation.

Respect for Human Rights

With respect for the human rights of all people at the very core of our business activities, we will strive toward the realization of a society in which there is no discrimination whatsoever and human rights are truly respected.

Assurance of Industrial Safety and Health

Placing top priority on assuring safety as well as mental and physical health, which are the foundation of our business activities, we will strive to prevent industrial accidents as well as to maintain and promote health.

Formation of a Vibrant Corporate Culture

In order to enable diverse human resources to demonstrate their capabilities and create new value, we will engage in training human resources and enabling technology and skills to be passed on to the new generation, as well as promote efforts to create a workplace that is comfortable and provides job satisfaction.

Promotion of Compliance Management

We will strictly abide by laws, regulations, and rules, as well as social norms including the underlying ethics and morals, and will practice three actions (consulting our conscience, speaking honestly, and proactively correcting things).

Rigorous Crisis Management

We will construct a crisis management structure in terms of our organization and our systems and rigorously carry out efforts towards preventing and minimizing risk with regard to natural disasters, cyber attacks, terrorism, and other such threats to the social lives of citizens and our corporate business activities.

Enhancement of Corporate Governance

Executives of the Energia Group will construct governance with fairness, transparency, and viability, with an aim to improve the corporate value of the Group and achieve continuous growth. They will also take the lead and become examples to ensure that all employees take action towards achieving this Charter of Conduct.