Energia Group Corporate Vision


  • "ENERGIACHANGE" is a term that combines our corporate philosophy of "ENERGIA" and our new vision concept "Gear–change".
  • "ENERGIA" is derived from Latin, expressing activity, work and vitality. It is the origin of energy. "ENERGIA" expresses our desire to help create a brighter, more dynamic society.


Seek to realize the potential of energy

We will utilize our group’s technology and experience to achieve a stable supply of electricity and to contribute to solving global environmental problems.

Work toward expanding business fields

We will find opportunities from a diversifying society and try to expand business fields.

Inspire employees through our culture

We aim to be an attractive corporate group by inspiring our diverse human resources through an ever-changing culture.


Profit / Financial targets

Profit / Financial targets

2019 (Estimate) 2025 2030
Consolidated ordinary income JPY36billion JPY50billion or more JPY60billion or more
Consolidated equity ratio 20% 25%
  • ROE (Return on Equity) will be approx. 5% when the profit target in 2030 achieved.

Non-financial targets

  • The new introduction amount of the renewable energy for 2030 : 300MW ~ 700MW
  • The further enhancement of work environment for diverse human resources
The year "2019" refers to the period which ended March 31, 2020. The same shall apply hereinafter.